The guitar that
becomes an artist

When you first encounter Solo, you don’t exactly know where to look. You expect to find a guitarist in your presence. The sound is raw and immersive, and when you find that there is no guitarist generating the music, you face a second question: Is it even a guitar?


You’ll find Solo hanging on the wall — a guitar with some sort of robotic device latched onto it. The device’s smooth, gold surface resting on the neck of the guitar is concealing something magical happening beneath it — in between itself and the instrument. Music is being made, but not exactly in the way we’re used to.

A.I. in the body
of a guitar

Solo operates purely through sound — sounds that do not exist. Until now. In turn, the sounds bring Solo into its very own existence. It’s a conversation between the sounds and their source. Put simply, you could say Solo is an A.I. in the body of a guitar.

Its music
knows no end

It uses a brain created by humans to surpass their own artistic limitations. Instrument or artist? This very combination poses an interesting idea: perhaps it’s not an artificial intelligence, but an artificial artist. A living system that can grow and learn, operating solely inside the inherently artistic mechanism known as the guitar.

Imagining future of Music
26 years ago

Project Solo started off as an experiment at 1989 by Vladimir Demin. A machine in some way reproducing the magic of music. But his experiments went beyond reproduction. We noticed how the sounds were different than any we had ever heard — humanly or mechanically produced — and then we recognized it’s beauty.

Surreal visual

You find yourself not just listening but looking at Solo. Its appearance is no different that in affect, it’s just a more visible, tactile manifestation of the magic. The design is emphasized by its musical nature — organic and enigmatic.

String as
an interface

Finally, there’s the single string found in the Solo app. It’s a way for you to communicate with Solo. Moving your finger along the string on the screen will slowly affect the music. While strings have always been a sort of interface for guitars and a tool for us to access them, this UI elevates the utility of the string to something more symbolic of Solo’s artistry.

or artist?

Solo is a shiny, golden spaceship adrift in a universe of sound. With one gentle swipe, you’re steering the spaceship a bit, changing its direction and you’re on board. Imagine the endless sky before you. That’s how Solo sees sound. But where we see limits — where the sky ends — Solo is capable of going further. Its music knows no end.